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Alejandra Rivera
Performing artist / Cultural agent

Alejandra Rivera.jpeg

Integral dancer, choreographer and cultural manager from Mexico City interested in movement improvisation and physical theater. Graduated from the Professional Dance School of Mazatlán under the direction of Delfos Danza Contemporánea, she also has a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies . Interested in the commitment of art and society, her work revolves around the concern for the public's lack of interest in contemporary dance. Her most recent creation will be presented at the Studebaker Theater in Chicago as one of the choreographers selected for “Woman in Dance Leadership Convention”. 

As a dancer, she is an apprentice to choreographers such as Daina Ashebee and Brian Peterman, she has also collaborated with choreographers including Jason Maritn, Víctor Ruiz, Xitlali Piña, Mizraim Araujo, Robin Steihm, Guy Shomroni, and Erika Méndez.

She has participated in courses with different national and international teachers such as: Aladino R. Blanca, Colectivo “enNingunlugar”, José Rivera Moya, Jaime Camarena, Francisco Córdova, Carmen Correa, Carlos Alberto Zamora, Vivian Cruz, Karen de Luna y Camilo Chapela (México).“Los Little Guys” (México/USA), Estefania Dondi y“Los Innato” (Costa Rica), “Tentacle Tribe” (Canadá), Javier Díaz Dalannais (Chile), Iratxe Ansa, Sebastián García Ferro, “La Intrusa”and Lali Ayguadé (España), Guy Shomroni (Israel), Michele Assaf, Teddy Forance, Tokyo, Kathleen Hermesdorf and Albert Mathias, (EU), Bruno Collinet, Macia Del Prete (Italia), Judith S. Ruiz (Cuba/Alemania), Livia Balazova (Slovakia), Sadé Alleyne (Inglaterra), Mario Sparber (Italia/Alemania), Jacub Zeman (República Checa) etc.

She is currently co-director of the “Laboratory for Networked Performance”, a project that assembles the manipulation of dance, music and video on a virtual stage in real time. In addition, she is a cultural agent at MOVES, a cultural company directed by Eleno Guzmán.

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