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Directed by: Diana Bayardo & Gervasio Cetto

WireFrame is a mákinadT’s project, suitable for presentation in urban spaces, theaters and independent rooms.


WireFrame is a contemporary performing art proposal. A device created from a vision that allows the transit of concepts between dance and architecture, opening paths that allow the transformation of the scene and the body that inhabits it.


The name of the work refers to a technique for the design of architectural plans, which is translated to the scene through the live installation of a metal, wood and cables structure that gradually divides the space and complicates the relationship of the bodies with their environment, revealing images and moments hidden at first glance.


* Work produced by the Municipal Funds for Performing Arts and Music 2018 (Fondos Municipales para las Artes Escénicas y la Música 2018).

**In 2018, WireFrame won the Guillermo Arriaga National Choreography Award, INBA-UAM. 



Direction and choreography: Gervasio Cetto
Director's assistant: Paula González
Música original: Diego Martínez Lanz
Scenography: Gervasio Cetto
Lighting: Luis Conde
Scenic creators: Diana Bayardo, Alfonso García, Valente Saavedra and Carolina Yupit.

General info

Duration: 30 minutes

Audience: General / Familiar / All audiences
Procedence: Mérida, Yucatán. México

Premiered: 2018


Mexico's National Dance Award 2018


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