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Directed by: Zuadd Atala

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La Rubia Co is an artistic identity that involves different artists participating, since 2012, in pieces and labs that make people think of the body as a place of memory, being able to bring awareness to what it is drawn, transited or written post -perhaps- to dislocate the separation between daily life and poetry when inhabiting a space. With scenic devices seeking to include the active relationship between those who attendparticipate.


in scenarios where subjects, interested in collective thinking, are tested; where a choreography of stories will finally unveil as a canvas, like a map, with diff erent views and strokes.


He has presented his projects in different national and international forums. Their works, “Sí sólo voy a vivir una vez, quiero ser rubia”, “De lo que subyace”, “Sólo por, Sólo para…” and his latest project that premiered in 2018, “La Cabeza en Azul ”.

Zuadd Atala

Performer with professional training in contemporary dance and theater, she studied at the Centro de Investigación Teatral (1996-1999) and at the Dance School of the Cultural Institute of Aguascalientes (2001-2003), later a specialization in the Diploma Theater Body (2005-2006) of the company Teatro Línea de Sombra. He has worked since 1996 with national and international directors and choreographers: Ives Dayenais, Robert Dion, Ladislav Soucoup, Alicia Sanchez, Jean Frederic Chevallier, Alcibiades Zaldivar, Jorge Vargas, to name a few.


Their training and search are based on the corporal practices, the inhabited installation and the documentary scene; Little by little this has defined her artistic work, resulting in the creation of the pieces: If I only live once, I want to be blonde; Only by, just to ..., from these processes is that it establishes itself as collective.


She also works as a performer in the pieces Roma Roma, Durango 66, Small Territories in Reconstruction and prepares the new piece Buenos Aires Chicago, all under the direction of Jorge Vargas, with the company Teatro Línea de Sombra.


It premieres in April 2017 with Tamara Cubas and Alicia Laguna the stage piece La Brisa a production of Teatro Línea de Sombra and Iberesceba.


Obtained a mention as an emerging stage artist, by the Magazine of Contemporary Art La Tempestad in 2015.

Head in blue

At the beginning there is nothing, then a deep vacuum and after that there is a depth in blue.
Gaston Bachelard

Scenic Seasons dedicated to the sea of thought.Choreographic drawings to be seen, plastic landscapes where we felt delivered to the construction and destruction of minimum and incessant, images that are unrelated but evocative events and the synthetic as synthesis focused on objects and materials of deep blue which are music, color, movement and image.An act of resistance to simple living finding direction in actions that take the color as a State that intends to turn into a game of abstractions. 

It is the beatitude of the artificial paradises  in blue. Everyone relaxes. Yves Klein

Creation and concept: Zuadd Atala | Performers: Ignacio Velasco, Engelbert Ortega & Zuadd Atala | Movement advisor: Rocio Zuñiga  |  Artistic colaboration: Jorge Vargas, Eduardo Bernal, Mariana García Franco, Alicia Laguna, Mauro Giaconi & Juanpablo Avendaño | Production: Teatro Línea de Sombra & Museo Universitario del Chopo | Photo: Mara Arteaga  | Graphic Design: Carlos Villajuárez.



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