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Directed by: Claudia Lavista

ENGRAM 4 is an experimental dance piece for virtual performance that asks, from the language of the body in relation to multimedia, how to find new portals that direct us towards a shared sense of humanity.  


 From virtual presence we build an existential space through an unfolding world of ideas and sounds, trying to apprehend our own multiplicities and to recognize ourselves as virtually-interacting rhizomatic units, revealing the infinite connections between us.  


Inhabiting a digital crossroad between mirrors, cameras, geometries and bodies, four human beings search for themselves and for others through unlimited space.   


Is there a way out?  


This project highlights a multinational collaboration of artists from the United States and Mexico beyond the borders. 


Commissioned and produced by anatomy zero in partnership with Delfos Danza Contemporanea for the Virginia Tech School of Performing Arts . 

engram 4.1.jpeg


Design, direction and choreography: Claudia Lavista 

Performers:  Keanu Forrest Brady, Jonathan Alavés, Scotty Hardwig y Diego Alcalá 

Original Music: Albert Mathias 

Technological direction: Raúl Mendoza

General info

Duration: 60 minutes

Audience: All audiences
Procedence: Mazatlán, Mexico City & Blacksburg, Virginia 

Country: Mexico & USA

Premiered: 2020


ENGRAM 4 (Teaser)

ENGRAM 4 (Teaser)

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