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HEARTBEAT Fotografía 2 by Ignacio Woolf


Directed by: Daniela Urías & Talia Hinojosa

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In early 2017, Talia Hinojosa and Daniela Urías began working together to develop the dance project titled HEARTBEAT. This collaboration resulted in the birth of a contemporary dance work that presents a discourse on the affectation and correlation between the biological function of the human body and its emotions.


The work had its first presentation in a short format within the Encuentro Metropolitano de Danza Contemporánea in Nuevo León (May 2017), and it was selected by the dance critic Margarita Tortajada to participate in the Contemporáneos Show at the Teatro de la Ciudad de Monterrey alongside many local dance companies such as Cuerpo Etéreo and Sunny Savoy Dance Company.


Later, an intervention of the piece is presented at the Museum of the Arts of Monterrey in collaboration with the piece Yo Transporto by the artist G.T. Pellizzi.


Thanks to an excellent acceptance by the public, HEARTBEAT had the opportunity to perform in great theaters and festivals nationwide such as the XX Extremadura Festival 2017, the Governmental Agenda of Sonora 2018 , the 2019 National Dance Showcase in Texcoco, Mexico City, the Governmental Showcase of Sonora 2020, among others.


The project was recently selected to be part of the ENARTES 2020 and thanks to the excellent critics, it continues to receive offers in order to be performed in different states of the republic such as Querétaro, State of Mexico, Guadalajara, Guanajuato, Chihuahua, San Luis Potosí, etc.


Daniela Urías

Dancer and choreographer of contemporary dance graduated from the Superior School of Music and Dance of Monterrey. She is the creator and performer of the pieces HEARTBEAT, El Nudo, Maslow 3 and Segunda Naturaleza.


She has collaborated with national and international choreographers such as Miguel Mancillas, Billy Cowie, Isabelle Schad, as well as with artists from other disciplines for the creation of performances in art galleries.


She has participated in festivals such as FAOT, 4x4 TJ Night, Extremadura Festival, Scenic State Agenda, Onésimo Gonzalez Festival, National Dance Showcase, among others.


She was a beneficiary of the State Fund for Culture and the Arts of Sonora and the Scenic Creators Program of FONCA.


She currently resides in Hermosillo where she continues to develop her artistic training and collaborates in independent projects.

Talia Hinojosa

Talia Hinojosa completed a bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Dance at Superior School of Music and Dance of Monterrey, Mexico, and completed a master’s degree in Contemporary Dance at University of Limerick in Ireland. 


Among varied achievements, she was selected for Ireland’s Step Up Dance Project qualifying among six best dancers under the direction of John Scott (Dublin) and Marguerite Donlon (Germany), with whom she performed in varied Irish venues, in 2013. 


In 2015, Talia was selected to perform in the prominent International Dance Festival ImpulsTanz in Vienna, presenting her solo work, Void,  which she further developed in Japan with choreographer Takeshi Yazaki. In 2016, Talia gained entry to an artistic residency, EXIN in Spain, under the direction of David Zambrano (Venezuela). In 2019, Talia graduated from a two-year program in New York City -  Stella Adler studio of Acting, while also performing her well-received original piece, Heartbeat, in varied venues.


Most recently, Talia’s advanced skills in choreography were featured in the acclaimed film I am No Longer Here, (also in Spanish, Ya No Estoy Aquí). The full feature film received rave reviews often citing innovative and bold choreography and dancing. Talia was also featured in two scenes.

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