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 Azalea López 


INDÓMITA.danzateatro bases its work on the observation of the intergenerational phenomenon and understands the inclusion of all people in the socio-cultural environment as a right to beauty. In 2016, the creation of the Family Movement Laboratory a space dedicated to playful and creative research for the recognition of people and their affective bonds gave rise to the development of the artistic project.

Its creator the Mexican Azalea Lopez has developed it through time and a constant work of collaboration with artists and scenic projects such as the companies Lux boreal and Colectivo de Teatro en Espiral de Baja California. The Network of Scenic Creation for the First Years of Latin America VINCULAR and the CARICIA collective formed by Miroslava Wilson from the Pendulo Cero company and Emiliano Cárdenas from the Triciclo Rojo company.

His work of creating works, of provoking laboratories for body-relational research and transfer of scenic knowledge, is aimed at provoking living experiences from and for the body that resonate with people of any age.

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