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INTRA, procedure to resurface 

Directed by: Karina Hurtado/Azalea Lopez

One-person show that expressed through dance-theater / physical theater aimed at young and adult audiences, conceived under the premise of internalization as a path towards transformation to resurface to the new. An intimate work designed to implement in Italian theater or in a black box with a duration of 45 minutes.


INTRA, a procedure to resurface, takes us by the hand to the darkest places of the human being to recognize ourselves as vulnerable and at the same time with the necessary strength to move forward in the face of adversity.

The piece is an aesthetic treatise on introspection in solitude. It proposes the transit through a path that takes us back to the origin of life in search of the essential. He sets his gaze before us, reveals our deformity, causes us fright; nevertheless, it is the path to purify what we have accumulated in the events of the world, reducing ourselves to the essential. Within this contrasting universe, resilience forged in the face of a state of crisis to move towards a resurgence that looks to hope.


INDÓMITA's first production.

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Original idea and interpretation: Azalea Lopez*

Stage direction: Karina Hurtado

Sound Design: Manuel Estrella (Cat) **

Lighting design and stage space: Fernando Cano (Nano) 

Costume design and production: Alejandro Nuñez

Voiceover: Alan Uribe Villarruel ***


Project carried out with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the State of Jalisco, through the Proyecta Produccion 2020 Program.

* Beneficiary of the Scenic Creators Program 2021-2024 of the Support System for Creation and Cultural Projects (FONCA)

** Beneficiary of the Scenic Creators Program 2020-2021 of the System of Supports for Creation and Cultural Projects (FONCA) *** Beneficiary of the National Theater Company Program of the System of Supports for Creation and Cultural Projects (FONCA)

General info

Duration: 45 minutes

Audience: All audiences
Procedence: Guadalajara, Jalisco; México

Premiered: 2020



Alejandra Rivera




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