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Point and Line

Directed by: Michelle Guerra / Azalea López

 A small buzz, a small point of sound that arises from silence and, after a small contact, extends through space, crossing it into two long lines that invite you to play. The lines from so much playing suspended in a continuous, eternal circle. A hoop that allows itself to be traversed, that is attracted to roll back and forth, until it fills up and bounces all over the space, allowing itself to be ridden, and sometimes not.

Point and Line is a project for girls and boys from 0 to 3 years old that tells the story of a small point that is born to play until it
is a large sphere.

Premiered in November 2019 in Guadalajara, an independent production in collaboration with Colectivo de Teatro en Espiral and INDÓMITA.danzateatro

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Punto y Línea-3_fotografía Mariel Tinoco.jpeg


Direction: Michelle Guerra Adame*

Creative performer: Azalea Lopez**

Stage space, lighting and wardrobe design: Edgar Mora

Original music: Fernando De Ita


* Member of the National System of Art Creators of FONCA 2018-2021

 ** Beneficiary of the Scenic Creators Program 2021 -2024 of the Support System for Creation and Cultural Projects (FONCA)

General info

Duration: 30 minutes

Audience: +4 years
Procedence: Gadalajara, Jalisco; México

Premiered: 2019



Alejandra Rivera


Punto y Línea teaser

Punto y Línea teaser

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