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Experiencia Caminantes

Directed by: Diana Bayardo & Gervasio Cetto

Experiencia Caminantes is an original and creative digital platform where you can find guided and self-guided urban tours. In this tours, the public is guided by performing artists through main squares, streets and parks where they are given the opportunity to learn about aspects of human evolutionary memory and local history. 


The dancers take the public to live a scenic experience, which takes place between the limits of everyday reality and the fiction; inviting to inhabit the public space from a different perspective.


These tours will allow you to experience the city like you have never done before!


If you are an artist, cultural manager, art promotor or director of an institution, festival or company, we invite you to get in touch with us so we can talk and collaborate in the creation of this experience in your city.



Direction: Diana Bayardo and Gervasio Cetto

Scenic creators: Zizinete Maravé, Dario Herrera, Diana Bayardo and Gervasio Cetto

Transdisciplinary biology advisor: Catalina Cepeda

Gaming Lab advisor: Mauricio del Olmo

Public space and lighting design: Luis Conde

Graphic design and illustration: Carmen Ordóñez

Sound design: Diego Martínez

Communication: La Cultura Manifiesta

App web: Karen Becerril

Video projection and recording: Emmanuel Tatto

Collective writing advisor: Joan Serra

General info

Audience: General / Familiar / All audiences
Procedence: Mérida, Yucatán. México

Premiered: 2020


Experiencia Caminantes

Experiencia Caminantes

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