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Directed by: Claudia Lavista

Telempatías (Telempathies) is a visual and choreographic piece, handmade and digital, performed live via Zoom.  


Delfos Danza Contemporánea takes us into a visual experiment where the spectator will witness an improvisation directed and performed live by eight dancers, each one located in different regions of Mexico. 

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Original idea and direction: Claudia Lavista 

Performers: Surasí Lavalle, Xitlali Piña, Karla Núñez, Johnny Millán, Diego Alcalá, Daniel Marín y Jonathan Alavés. 
Sound design: Alberth Mathias

Technological direction: Raúl Mendoza   

General info

Duration: 60 minutes

Audience: All audiences
Procedence: Mazatán & Mexico City

Premiered: 2020


Telempatías, trailer.

Telempatías, trailer.

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